LeBel Landscaping Case Study


LaBel Landscaping
LeBel Landscaping
, founded in 2009 by JP LeBel, has grown at a rate of up to 25 percent year upon year for the past several years. CFO Joe Cruz attributes that growth to an increased emphasis on commercial landscape maintenance, which now accounts for 80 percent of their business, including such clients as Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and the Florida Aquarium.

Business Challenge

With their growth leading to an employee count of nearly 30, LeBel had a number of employees who were performing multiple roles. At times, workers’ compensation coverage for their multiple roles was poorly defined. LeBel and Cruz realized they were too exposed after their coverage was abruptly cancelled by their carrier. Having lacked adequate guidance from their former agent about the need to specify and cover employees in all their roles, they looked for new coverage. An additional challenge was that their insurance coverage, including general liability and auto as well as workers’ compensation, had been placed with multiple agencies and carriers, creating confusion at renewal time.


Sean Mainwaring, risk advisor at Lykes Insurance, knew LeBel and Cruz from college and spoke with them about their workers’ comp coverage, while also discussing the importance of consolidating coverage with one agency, with one representative providing overall management of insurance coverage.

Using a consultative and educational approach, he discussed their needs and replaced their workers’ comp coverage within five days.  He identified all available discounts and the best carriers for their auto and general liability coverage and provided a safety plan that has been used successfully in other landscaping firms.


Cruz is very pleased with their new coverage and the ability to work with one contact backed by a team of professionals. He appreciates the timely and helpful information they have received about “how things work in the insurance world,” saying they had not previously received that level of support.  Other results include:

  • Following an advisory approach to meet LeBel’s needs, Mainwaring provided the company with a double-digit percentage decrease in insurance premiums – with additional insurance coverage.
  • Lykes Insurance has provided them with certificates of coverage they can provide quickly to property managers. This has been of great benefit in improving workflow and helping them present themselves more professionally on bidding forms.
  • Policies are organized, with their risk advisor monitoring renewals. 
  • As part of their new safety plan, LeBel holds daily meetings to discuss safety procedure.
  • They are now considering adding employee benefits coverage in the future.