Metropolitan Ministries Case Study


Metropolitan Ministries LogoMetropolitan Ministries was founded in 1972 by 13 downtown Tampa churches of all different denominations. Collectively they set out to help the homeless and hungry families in the Tampa area. Today they have expanded to include Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas and Polk counties. They currently provide hot meals, food, clothing and shelter to homeless families looking for help, guidance and education as they move forward in a positive manner to enrich their lives, with Metropolitan Ministries assisting them toward self-sufficiency.

Business Challenge

With all the growth taking place at Metropolitan Ministries, additional employees and volunteers are needed. However, with growth comes concerns and Metropolitan Ministries wanted to be proactive in putting together a plan for Workers’ Compensation management. They turned to Lykes Insurance to bring client advocacy and insurance company accountability.


Lykes Insurance proposed a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation approach that would also identify an insurance provider that would understand their needs and put programs in place to help the management team. We evaluated and then recommended an insurance partner that would work well with both Lykes and Metropolitan Ministries. Lykes helped the insurance company gain a complete understanding of Metropolitan Ministries, their employees and management goals.

By mid-year Lykes was managing open claims and consulting the client on better ways to proceed in supervising injured employees. Our next objective was safety, so we toured the facility with our safety team and the loss control individuals from the insurance provider. We made various helpful recommendations in an effort to assist in keeping claims at a minimum. We are now working on offering education and training meetings for the employees so they have a more complete understanding of how to protect themselves from injury.


Metropolitan Ministries was pleased with the results:

  • They had a plan in place to prevent Workers’ Compensation injuries and subsequent claims.
  • They received guidance from Lykes employees for Safety & Loss Control.
  • Consultants at Lykes help monitor and adjust their program as they grow.

Metropolitan Ministries feels comfortable that they have an insurance company that understands their needs.