JCIII Case Study


Founded in 2001 to serve clients in the mortgage banking industry with trust, dependability, accuracy and integrity, JCIII & Associates specializes in a myriad of residential mortgage due diligence solutions. In 2009, their client business changed due to advances in technology that allowed for more virtual communication such as the use of electronic imaging and web portals.   These changes required JCIII to look at its internal business model and thus JCIII converted 200 contractors to employees in the beginning of 2010.              


Business Challenge

By 2011, JCIII was interested in a benefits package for all of its employees and wanted guidance on the Affordable Care Act. JCIII realized it needed to explore options, including finding an insurance agency that would provide affordable individual and conversion plans for all eligible employees. 

By 2012, options for job seekers (whether currently employed or unemployed) had improved dramatically and JCIII wanted to do more than provide basic benefits to their employees.  They realized that in a tighter job market, better benefits offerings would allow the company to become more competitive in attracting talented individuals for employment.    


From the start, Lykes guided JCIII to help them better understand their employees’ individual and family benefits needs. This was accomplished through a customized survey that allowed the employees to voice their needs.

As a result of the survey, Lykes Insurance discussed a comprehensive benefits plan with JCIII that would position medical coverage as a recruitment and retention tool.  The big questions were:

  • What would the plan cost?
  • Which carrier(s) would make an offer with no claims experience available?
  • Which employees would elect coverage and at what price?

Lykes prepared a benchmarking report to determine where JCIII needed to be to stay competitive with other employers.  Using the benchmarking and survey results, Lykes built a projected budget for JCIII and a rationale for carriers to encourage them to propose options.  Lykes also introduced a technology partner to provide an automated online enrollment process to simplify and increase accuracy during the enrollment period. 


JCIII was pleased with the results:

  • Two carriers competed for the business and offered employees a unique, competitive package. 
  • Online enrollment was conducted, supported by extensive employee communications. 
  • Enrollment results came in almost exactly on budget.
  • Turnover has abated and JCIII attributes at least part of this to the benefits offerings.
  • The first-year renewal was successful and uneventful.
  • JCIII Employees were extremely thankful for their new comprehensive medical and ancillary insurance coverage. 
  • In 2014, Lykes continued its partnership with JCIII, working with HR Technology Advisors to prepare a comprehensive HRIS/Payroll Vendor Comparison for the company.