Note:  Because we take our clients’ privacy so seriously, we haven’t developed an individual client’s case study.  Rather, we’ve compiled issues and our responses to them to present a better idea of how we work with our clients.

Why Contact Lykes Private Risk Management

Although reasons vary, some clients tell us they didn’t feel comfortable with their existing insurance program.  For others, their exposure changed and their agent was not able to accommodate those fluctuations. Often a friend or colleague suggested they contact Lykes. 

The Lykes Process

This is the real differentiator.  Our first step is to sit down with clients to identify their exposure to risk – where the weak spots are, where their coverage may be inadequate, where they might be liable and the type and amount of loss they would be willing to absorb themselves.  Unlike most agents, we don’t start with their current policy, which may or may not be sufficient.  Starting with the wrong information will never get them to the right solution.

It’s only after we understand their needs and concerns that we can start looking for suitable protection. Once we identify carrier and coverage solutions, we discuss these options and together determine the appropriate program that addresses their needs and provides the greatest value.


Three words.  Peace of mind.

Lykes private risk clients generally gain more comprehensive coverage, always at a fair price.  They often tell us they are more comfortable with their program and the quality it provides.

They are also appreciative of the confidentiality and privacy we extend, as many of them had been solicited by affiliates of their former agencies. 

Perhaps these are the reasons why so many of our clients refer friends and business acquaintances to the Private Risk Division of Lykes.