There’s a lot more to commercial risk management than a quote and a premium comparison.

You may not even be aware of the many resources and support services that should be an integral part of your risk management program.  See what a difference these can make in your peace of mind and cost of claims:

Property & Casualty Claims Advocacy:  You value your coverage based on how well claims are resolved and at what cost.  Our claims liaison staff ensure that your claims are handled properly, fairly, promptly and efficiently -- because it’s not your job to be a claims manager. 

Workers Compensation Loss Prevention and Control: Preventing loss is always better than mitigating it.  By analyzing your loss history, inspecting your workplace and understanding employee behaviors, we’ll help you improve safety and prevent losses to manage risk and the cost of claims. 

Workers Compensation Claims Management Services:  Managing the frequency and severity of claims is essential to reducing claims expense. Our claims consultants are available in person and by phone to advise on development of injury plans, claims handling procedures, claims follow up and return to work coordination.

Workers Compensation Mod Analysis Program (MAP):  Many employers don’t realize they can control the experience modification factor and its impact on the cost of their future workers’ compensation rates.  The Lykes MAP helps forecast the mod, analyze losses for their impact on future premiums and improve your risk management decision making.

Lykes 24/7:  Most insurance information goes into a drawer and sometimes is never seen again.  You’ll get better results from your coverage if you can access it 24/7/365 through any internet connection to check on coverage, report a claim or exchange confidential information through secure transmission.  Lykes 24/7 allows you to issue certificates of insurance or print an auto ID card whenever and wherever needed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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