Your employee benefits program should provide value for both your organization and your employees.  Using an advisory approach to planning, Lykes enhances your benefits value by getting impact up and costs down, using the following process: 

  • Identify opportunities to increase impact by enhancing understanding of the benefits and reducing benefits hassles.
  • Apply tools and strategies to contain claims, compliance and administrative costs.
  • With initial objectives accomplished, shift the focus to longer term strategic opportunities and then continue the yearly planning cycle. 

At Lykes, our core philosophy is to be proactive. Our planning approach seeks to eliminate problems and process headaches before they happen. Our plans include pre-renewal planning and post-renewal debrief sessions. We provide minutes to all meetings, addressing all material discussions, decisions, responsible parties, due dates and status. We keep issues from falling through cracks.  

Things may still happen out of our control, so we strive to provide same day responses and solutions to all issues. If we can’t solve a problem that day, we acknowledge it and give a suggested resolution window.  

Our philosophy is that we work hard, we know what we are doing and we care.

Let’s take a closer look at how Lykes helps you improve benefits value: