One thing employers and employees tell us constantly is that they find both the benefits selection process and the use of benefits after selection to be difficult, cumbersome and often confusing.  Lykes will help you reduce these hassles and increase impact, smart utilization and employee satisfaction at all stages of the process. 

Enrolling and onboarding:

  • Lykes online platform for benefits administration and HR allows employers to easily manage employee benefits, onboarding and compliance – all in one central location through EaseCentral

Getting the best care and service

  • Lykes partners with advocacy and support services that benefit employers through reduced plan costs and streamlined back office support. Employees benefit through lower out-of-pocket expenses and the ability to get the right care at the right time. Healthcare advocates are available 24/7 to help employees by offering explanation of benefits, personalized support and concierge level services. These services are provided through Benezon.