Employers and employees alike are looking for the best set of healthcare options for the most affordable price.  Let’s examine how Lykes can help you accomplish this. 

Reduce claims costs:

  • Implement the best strategies such as consumerism, self-funding and Rx carve outs to reduce the cost of healthcare claims. Coupled with a Private Exchange and decision support, your organization can achieve increased consumerism, accountability and less work for your HR staff.
  • Get the right care for employees across the healthcare spectrum, whether through wellness services, preventive services, routine and primary care relationships, chronic condition care and/or catastrophic needs.
  • Lykes offers telemedicine services through an anytime/anywhere program that provides access to qualified doctors that augments, but does not replace, the primary care relationship and is free to employees. Services are offered through Teladoc.
  • Chronic conditions, which typically account for 85 percent of healthcare costs, can be managed through the Benezon partnership. 

Reducing compliance and administrative costs:

  • You can reduce compliance costs through Lykes partnerships with professionals for legal support, HR and compliance consulting and tools, and production of a compliance calendar to keep you on track throughout the year.
  • Lykes will help you reduce administrative costs by using technology and process improvement for more accurate eligibility, billing and reporting; improved financial control and elimination of expensive process headaches.