Not every insurance firm understands private risk management. Unfortunately, you may have already learned this through firsthand experience.

Lykes Insurance got its start back in 1925 by serving the personal and commercial insurance needs of the extended Lykes family. We’ve never forgotten what it takes to understand and care for the insurance needs of high net worth individuals, families with substantial physical property to protect, family offices, trusts and private partnerships. 

As traditional as our origins are, there’s nothing traditional about the services we offer you. In an era in which exposures like cyber security have been added to more standard concerns, you can count on us to identify your unique risk characteristics and exposure and then customize a program that suits your specific needs.

It all starts with asking the right questions and getting to know you. This is how we can identify your exposure to risk -- the weak points where you may be lacking adequate coverage or could have liability issues. 

That’s a main point of difference in how we do business. You may have noticed that other insurance representatives start with copies of your current policies and give you a quote for the same coverage.  But what if that coverage was inadequate? Starting from the wrong base will never get you to the right answer – and that’s why our initial conversations are so important. And it’s only after we understand your needs and concerns that we can start looking for the best protection at a fair price.

Our relationship doesn’t end when we identify the coverage and discuss your options with you. After the policy is issued, we’ll meet with you each year to conduct your stewardship review -- because your needs change, and we think your risk management strategy should adapt accordingly.

We’d also like you to know that because this is such a specialized field, we’re quite selective in our client base. In fact, many of our clients come to us after conversations with other Lykes clients who know and trust us. By being this selective, we’re able to offer each of our private risk management clients the care and service they deserve.

Working with Lykes, you can expect the highest level of discretion and confidentiality. We want you to have confidence in us personally and as a firm, viewing us as your trusted advisor and partner.